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We welcome children from the ages of 2.5 - 9 years old.


We currently have 2 classes that run concurrently.

Early years: 2.5 - 6 years

Elementary: 6.5 - 9 years

As opposed to traditional education systems of segregating children by specific ages, we believe that when children have access to an environment built around a mixed-age grouping, children thrive best.


To quote from Maria Montessori, "the groups should contain different ages, because it has great influence on the cultural development of the child. This is obtained by the relations of the children among themselves. You cannot imagine how well a young child learns from an older child; how patient the older child is with the difficulties of the younger.”

We conduct workshops for kids during our school holidays - Art & Creativity workshops / Cooking camps / Dance workshops / and many more.

We welcome requests for any specific holiday camp themes.

If you need someone to watch your child in the evenings, babysitting services can be arranged through us, as we have a pool of reliable babysitters.  However, bookings need to be made in advance.

Age Groups    

Our Classes & Services   

Class immersion for visiting children  

For tourists visiting the island for a holiday, you may drop-off your children with us, to experience what it is like in a Montessori school, as well as mixing with the other children who live on the island. Your opportunity to go for a dive, or enjoy some me-time by the beach whilst your child is engaged with fun-filled activities.

School holiday programs  
Babysitting Services

 Gili Trawangan childcare services

 Gili Trawangan childcare services

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