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Equal importance is placed on all aspects of the child's developmental growth.
Physical | Intellectual | Social | Emotional |Spiritual
Environmental awareness is a key component in our daily lessons, and the aim to nurture a child's love for the world.
"Unless we are willing to encourage our children to reconnect with and appreciate the natural world, we can't expect them to help protect and care for it." David Suzuki

We are based on the Montessori curriculum, and believe in holistic education. 

Practical Life

Activities of practical life are introduced to children in the early years.

The direct aim of Montessori Practical Life activities is to help develop social skills and independence. Indirectly, Practical Life activities develop fine motor skills, as well as strengthening intellect, concentration, and personal will.


It is necessary to begin the education of the senses in the formative periods, if we wish to perfect this sense development with the education to be followed. Children are exposed to specially designed materials which enable the children to use their senses to explore different attributes of the world. Sensorial materials not only provide the refinement of sense but it actually prepares the child for many other subjects which the child encounters afterwards, eg preparation for maths.


The main purpose of language is to let others know what we are thinking by communicating our thoughts, ideas and feelings, analyzing previous experiences, and generating new ideas.  Primarily based on a phonetic approach, the early language materials are multisensory. The language approach is also presented through poems, games, and stories.  Our classes are primarily conducted in English, but we also teach Bahasa Indonesia as a second language.


Montessori borrowed from earlier educators Edouard Seguin and Jean Itard to assemble materials to teach math concepts concretely.  Movement and manipulation of materials are promoted with math materials to teach numbers and quantity, as well as the decimal system and math operations.

Knowledge of the world

This provides children the opportunity to explore and gain insight into their world.  Through the concept that peace and humanity work together,

children are taught to respect and appreciate the interrelationship of all living things. Topics of science, geography, history, biology are introduced.


Arts and Creativity

Creativity is not just referred to in its artistic form, but also in the ability to "think out of the box". We like to give our children the freedom to express themselves. For arts, we aim to expose the children to different methods and techniques, where the focus is on the process, and not so much the end result. We also encourage children to use recyclable materials for art and craft, and wonderful things have been made by the child's imagination.

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